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A Preview of InnoPower Minority Business Week 2023

InnoPower Minority Business Week is an annual conference that brings together business leaders to discuss and address issues related to economic development and wealth generation in Black communities.

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the event, which has grown to become the biggest minority business conference in the Midwest. The conference will be streamed on on June 16 and 17.

The mission of InnoPower is to create an environment that uplifts everyone and allows for respectful conversation around a common goal of accelerating economic productivity in Black communities.

This conference is a platform for sharing ideas and thoughts, listening to experts and key stakeholders, and coming up with solutions to problems faced by marginalized communities.

The event is interactive and celebrates people from all socio-economic backgrounds and ethnicities. It is a space where everyone has a voice, and opinions are respected. InnoPower believes that entrepreneurship is a pathway to economic empowerment, and this conference provides a space for entrepreneurs to showcase their talents, ideas, and products.

The conference also provides an opportunity for attendees to network and learn from successful business leaders.

InnoPower is proud to partner with WISH-TV to expand the reach of the event and share the message of economic empowerment with a wider audience. The partnership with WISH-TV provides more credibility to the conference and allows InnoPower to reach more homes and viewers. Last year, the conference had over 2,000 viewers from Sub-Saharan Africa, highlighting the global significance of the issues being discussed.

The conference creates an environment that uplifts everyone, celebrates diversity, and respects opinions. InnoPower and WISH-TV’s partnership allows for wider reach and credibility of the conference’s message, which has significant global implications.

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