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InnoPower: The success of the Minority Business Conference

Emil Ekiyor, the Founder of Inno Power, joined us to discuss this year’s Minority Business Conference. The conference was a major success, and Ekiyor shared his thoughts on the event’s impact.

Ekiyor highlighted the city’s diverse and growing population of young minority professionals and over 800 businesses in the international marketplace on the west side of town. Ekiyor also emphasized the importance of the BEO Show in providing a space for leaders who previously lacked a platform to share their message.

Furthermore, Ekiyor stressed the significance of the conference’s accessibility beyond the ballroom.

Rather than limiting the message to a select group of individuals in the room, Ekiyor wanted to make the conference available to everyone through archiving and other forms of accessibility.

By doing so, he believes the conference’s message can travel beyond the room and impact more people.

The Minority Business Conference was an excellent opportunity for minority business owners to connect and learn from each other.

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