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Walk & Talk: Sampson Levingston discusses the beginning of Black-owned businesses in Indy

(WISH Photo)

Sampson Levingston led an engaging discussion that took listeners on a virtual journey down historic Indiana Avenue, a place rich with the legacy of Black-owned businesses in the state. As an avid historian and storyteller, Sampson skillfully illuminated the significance of this avenue, recounting its history as a hub for entrepreneurship and culture within Indiana. By delving into the stories of Black-owned businesses that flourished on this historic street, Sampson’s discussion offered a fascinating glimpse into the resilience and innovation of the African American community in shaping the economic and cultural landscape of the region.

Sampson Levingston’s virtual walk down historic Indiana Avenue serves as an enlightening opportunity to explore the roots of black entrepreneurship and culture in Indiana. His passion for history and dedication to preserving the narratives of the past come to life as he weaves together anecdotes, facts, and historical context, offering a comprehensive and immersive experience for his audience. For those interested in uncovering the hidden gems and inspiring stories of Indiana’s past, Sampson’s virtual walk provides a unique opportunity to connect with the history and heritage of Black-owned businesses that laid the foundation for the vibrant community that thrives today.