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Why Would a Business Owner Name His Company After His Banker? 

2024-03-24 – BE&O ATC

One entrepreneur was so impressed with the customer service he received from his bank representative, that he decided to name his next business after her. 

When David Roger started banking with JPMorgan Chase, he was the co-owner of an innovative eyewear company that specializes in creating unique blue light glasses that reduce the amount of blue light that reaches the eye from computer screens. 

During this time, Roger often exchanged emails and phone calls with his JPMorgan Chase Bank client services team member, Hetal Jogi. Jogi, who has been with the bank for over 26 years, manages client transactions and accounts. 

Throughout this time, Jogi often helped Roger with everything from opening new accounts to completing wire transfers and applying for loans during the pandemic. “I don’t want them to worry about their banking,” Jogi says of her customers. She says it’s important to make sure her customers know they are not alone in their journey as small business owners.   

When Roger sold his eyewear company, he noticed a need for a different type of company in the marketplace. He wanted to open a “health and retail” business that helps organizations understand how their products should appear on retail shelves. The new venture works with retail shoppers to record store aisles to help brands get a better understanding of how their products move and why they are chosen by customers.  

When thinking of a way to combine the words health and retail, Roger thought back to the helpful client services team member at his bank, and the name suddenly came to him; Hetal Retail. Jogi initially thought the name was a joke or mistake, but Roger informed her it was very real. 

And even though the pair have been working together for many years, they have never met in person. That is something they say they plan to remedy very soon.