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13-year-old Central Illinois girl bakes up cupcakes and a bright future

Kenzie’s Sweet Shop: Teen shares her love for baking

It all started during the pandemic.

14-year-old Mackenzie Winterrowd (aka Kenzie) said her mom told her she needed to find a hobby— something to keep her busy so she wasn’t, as Kenzie puts it, “sitting on the couch all day eating chips.”

So, Kenzie decided to bake. And bake she did!

Illinois teen shares a love for baking part 2

Now, Kenzie is the owner of Kenzie’s Sweet Shop and is taking so many orders, sometimes, it’s hard to keep up. From weddings, local events and more, Kenzie is a busy young lady.

But most of the time, it seems she likes it that way.

So far, she’s competed in three different challenges back in her hometown of Louisville, Illinois, and she’s certainly in the winner’s circle!

On today’s Life. Style. Live!, Kenzie showcased part of these competitions by bringing in a Ferris wheel cupcake holder, Death by Chocolate treats and cupcakes that were part of a “Hometown Pride” theme. Amber and Cody were tasked to decorate them!

As for what’s next for Kenzie? She’ll be attending/competing in the PMR Children’s Business Fair November 4th in Marion, Illinois.  Good luck, Kenzie!

(*Fun Fact: Our own Amber Hankins is from the same town as Kenzie and graduated high school with her mom and dad!)

About Kenzie:

Mackenzie Winterrowd (Kenzie) is the 14-year-old daughter of Matt and Amanda Winterrowd in Louisville, Il.  She is an 8th grader at North Clay Jr. High School.  Kenzie stays very active in various activities including basketball, volleyball, tumbling, 4-H showing rabbits and general projects, pageants, and of course, baking!  When Kenzie took up baking during the pandemic, she was instantly hooked.  She continued to try new things and learn new recipes from pies, breads, cookies, cakes, and more!  She gained local attention with orders flowing in keeping her very busy!  She became Food Handler Certified and Licensed, traveling with her mom to various events with her yummy treats.  Kenzie continues to grow her business while maintaining excellent grades and still being just a kid!  Kenzie has big plans for this year, as she is currently working on accomplishing one of her dreams, owning and operating her very own food truck!