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6 Myth Busters about heating your home

Time to tune up your furnace? Already thinking about cooling your home this summer? Before you do, check out these six furnace myths, courtesy of Vicki Burdick, Marketing Director for Edge Guys Heating & Cooling.

#1 Set Your Fan to “Auto”

False. Many consumers think the fan will wear out if it runs continuously. On the contrary, the fan will experience more wear and tear if it turns on and off through the day. When the fan is set in the “on” position it continuously filters the air as it keeps the air moving. It also reduces hot and cold spots in the home.#2 Change Your Filter Monthly

True and False. This statement is true if consumers are using a small “cartridge “filter. If the consumer is using a thicker “media” filter that has more surface area, it can be changed less often – as little as three times a year. It also reduces energy costs and increases your furnace efficiency. A clean filter protects your equipment, helps reduce pet dander, residue from smoking and dust in the home. It is best to have a certified HVAC technician change the furnace filter. This can be done during the homeowners regular tune up appointment.#3 HVAC Equipment Must Be Maintained Two Times a Year

True. To ensure the equipment manufacturers warranty is valid, homeowners need to have their furnace tuned up by a factory authorized and certified technician two times each year – typically in the spring and fall.

#4 Cover Your Air Conditioner

False. When a homeowner covers their air conditioner during the winter months it traps moisture and promotes mold growth. These units are engineered to be outdoors; therefore, they do not need to be covered.#5 Close Registers In Rooms Not In Use

True and False. Sometimes we will balance a system by making small ductwork adjustments but we need to be careful to allow maximum airflow in a ductwork system. Many homeowners think that closing several registers will force more warm air into rooms that are frequently used; however, this restricts airflow and puts more wear and tear on the system promoting inefficiency and breakdowns. Once you determine your optimum temperature for comfort, set your thermostat and let the furnace do the rest. If your furnace can’t keep up with the temperature setting, it is a sign you need to call your certified HVAC technician.#6 Use a Programmable Thermostat

True and False. If the homeowner has a predictable schedule, a programmable thermostat will save them up to 10% on their energy bill. If the homeowners schedule is less predictable, the constant temperature change will be harder on the system as it tries to reach the homeowners optimum temperature and it will render it less efficient.

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