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A lesson for home cooks: How to elevate your dishes

Chef Gareth Granville has a lesson for home cooks: how to finish dishes in a way that elevates. He uses key ingredients and some kitchen gadgets to take recipes to the next level.

The biggest fall down of home cooking is that people will follow a recipe and then they just serve it without tasting it and tweaking it….Taste along the way and add things a little and often.”

To have on hand and use.

Vinegar, lemon juice and citrus juice. It will brighten it up and make is sharper.

Fresh herbs are key to any kitchen

Ginger, garlic, horseradish are more pungent aromatics can be added at the end to give back some of the punch that is lost during cooking

Good finishing olive Oil or grated butter will give it a bit of richness

Salt is the key to avoiding blandness.

Remember if you are cooking something down the salt doesn’t leave.”

By-the-Way…Chef Gareth is Annessa’s cousin!