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A new way to make ricotta cheese using Circle Kombucha

A new way to make ricotta cheese: Using Circle Kombucha

Have you ever thought of making your own ricotta cheese? Today on Indy Style, Ross Katz, Owner, Rooster’s Kitchen and Skylar Williams, co-founder, Circle Kombucha showed us how to make it from scratch using a special ingredient, Circle Kombucha.


Whole Milk – 1qt

Heavy Cream – 1cup

Circle Kombucha (Any Flavor) – 8oz

Citric Acid Powder – ½ tsp

Kosher Salt – ½ tsp

Sugar – ½ tsp

Also Needed:

Candy Thermometer


Cheese Cloth

A new way to make ricotta cheese: Using Circle Kombucha


Heat milk and heavy cream in a heavy bottom pot to 170 degrees.

Dissolve the citric acid powder in the Circle Kombucha

Add the kombucha mixture to the cream, and stir gently.

Take off the heat, and let rest for 10-15 minutes minimum.

Line your strainer with your cheese cloth. At least 4 layers

Pour your milk and kombucha mixture through the cheese

Collect the corners and twist gently to squeeze out the
whey. Do not squeeze so hard that the ricotta squirts out the cloth.

Scrape the ricotta off the cloth, and into a bowl. Stir in the salt and sugar gently, and chill overnight.

For more about Rooster’s Kitchen, visit their website.