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Act A Foo Improv performing at IndyFringe 2016

They say they like to be quick, witty and uncensored! Today on Indy Style, we meet Daniel A. Martin, founder of improv group, “Act a Foo,” who says he grew up with Joshua “Girth” Owens and knew the other members of the group through performing for the Asante Children’s Theatre. The group plays a couple of games with Tracy and Amber and their performance will leave you rolling with laughter!

Act A Foo is made up of 5 black men and one black woman, Brandy Tillman, who is in the wings to become a Foo’. When looking for new members, they do not look for a specific race or gender. The group performs short-form improv games. When they rehearse, it’s only to learn the basics of the games. All scenes and situations come from the audience. Everything is made up right in front of you! This will be their 3rd year in Fringe. The experience is like no other. You get to hang out with the audience and the performers. You’re around a bunch of like-minded people doing what they love.

The IndyFringe Festival is an 11-day festival along Mass Ave that happens every August. 56 performing groups are featured on 8 stages, with more than 350 individual performance. The festival is uncensored and un-juried, and usually features about 50% local and 50% out-of-town performing groups. 80% of ticket revenue is returned to the performer, and over the past 10 years, IndyFringe has returned $1,151,000 to performers.The Indianapolis Theatre Fringe Festival is a riotous celebration of theatre old and new, edgy and not-so edgy.

Tickets: $15 adult/$12 student-senior/$8 child under 12, tickets can be bought online or at the door. Fiver pass – see five shows for $50. Short Fringe: $5 for a 15-minute show, *Shot Fringe is new this year and will be happening at the new Festival Hub at 748 Massachusetts Avenue, home to the new Firefighters’ Art Park.This is where the IndyFinge Beer Tent will be, but there is a separate entrance for our under 21 festival-goers.

Act A Foo Improv Crew has been performing for about 7 years.

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AUGUST 19TH @ 1030PM