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‘All American’ returns for season six on The CW

All American returns for season six

The hit show ALL AMERICAN is returning with its sixth season, premiering on April 1 at 8 pm/7C on CW!

In this season, Spencer and his friends are entering pivotal moments in their lives.

Now juniors at GAU, Spencer, and Jordan are eligible for the NFL draft, putting Spencer in the spotlight. However, tensions rise with a new addition to the coaching staff, shifting team dynamics.

Meanwhile, Olivia returns from London with a new project to honor her father’s legacy, while Spencer and Olivia try to reconnect.

Layla explores a new role as a club owner, facing pressures that test her relationship with Jordan.

Coop supports Patience through a legal battle, while Asher adjusts to life as a new parent and Laura embraces new personal and professional stages.

Through it all, Grace remains a constant support for Spencer and his friends.

Don’t miss the drama and excitement of ALL AMERICAN, produced by Warner Bros. Television and CBS Studios in association with Berlanti Productions.