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Annessa’s Just One Thing: Hidden Habits

Do you have a “hidden habit?” Maybe you do and don’t even realize it! Registered Dietitian Annessa Chumbley shares a client habit and how she kicked it!

Many times our weight loss gets stalled and we can’t figure out why. When this happens, do a mental walk through your day and look for those hidden habits that may be causing a big problem – you just don’t realize it bc they seem so small in the moment.

Here’s an example, for one of my clients, it was coffee creamer. She didn’t realize – until she measured it out – that she was using, not 1, but 5 tablespoons of creamer every morning, and that added up to almost 7 teaspoons of sugar! And an extra 200 calories. Stop a hidden habit like this, and it will change everything for you.

Just One Thing to change this week – look for that one hidden habit that may be robbing your energy or stalling your health goals. You can usually find it by getting out that measuring cup. Measuring helps us know the facts about what we are doing instead of guessing.  And remember, that obstacle is typically it’s something you are doing every day, not every once in a while.  Your health is your greatest wealth! And I’m here to support you on that journey. You can get more simple health tips at

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