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Author discusses “The Lobby”

If you’ve ever spent time in a hotel lobby people-watching, you will recognize the various cast of colorful characters in Randi Sherman’s new book, THE LOBBY, which is set at a grand San Francisco hotel, The Shipley–a composite of every hotel Ms. Sherman has ever stayed at. Amber sits down with Randi to chat about her inspiration for the characters, where she came up with the book idea and what stories we can expect to come to life.ABOUT THE LOBBY

The Shipley’s fictitious lobby, which could be a stand-in for any upscale hotel lobby in the world, offers a microcosm of humanity where one can witness the comings and goings all types of people with independent reasons for being at the same place at the same time.

Reminiscent of Grand Hotel and Neil Simon’s California Suite, THE LOBBY (Freisen Press; March 2016) by Randi M. Sherman, sheds a hilarious spotlight on the comings and goings of anonymous people who come to life in the lobby of the grand Shipley Hotel. Practically engineered for eavesdropping, San Francisco’s juiciest hotel lobby offers the perfect place to witness the lives-and the most comedic intersections off staff, long-term residents, and eclectic guests.

Evocative of Upstairs Downstairs, the reader gets a delicious vicarious look at both the guests and staff at The Shipley Hotel whose lives briefly intersect over the course of a 24-hour period. Each consecutive chapter title is a time of day, beginning at 4:00 AM, when the hotel lobby comes to life as those working behind the scenes downstairs spruce up the lobby with fresh flower centerpieces, and front-desk staff are busy preparing for the hectic day ahead as their guests upstairs are sleeping, oblivious to the busy preparations taking place downstairs.

Employing acute skills in human observation, Randi M. Sherman has written a must-read for anyone who has ever spent time in a hotel lobby people watching or just savoring the luxurious ambiance while the world floats -or for anyone who has ever worked in a hotel. The next time you plan a trip, or a weekend excursion to your favorite city, pack a copy of THE LOBBY with you, and you will recognize every character in this witty, insightful novel as you gaze across your hotel’s lobby, observing humanity in all its colorful shades and hues.ABOUT RANDI M. SHERMAN

With an eye for detail, an ear for well-tuned dialogue and an incredible grasp of the obvious, all honed while performing stand-up comedy in Los Angeles and improvisational theater in San Francisco, Sherman adds just enough bawdiness to deliver a character-driven contemporary novel that will have the reader laughing and connecting with major and minor characters. Randi lives in California’s wine country, finds a reason to laugh everyday and doesn’t take herself too seriously. THE LOBBY is Ms. Sherman’s fourth novel. For more information, please visit