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Author of Mindful Money shares secrets to reaching financial goals

Although money is deemed by many as essential as water, food, and air, people often show an astonishing lack of understanding of the basic principles of money management, according to author and wealth management expert Jonathan K. DeYoe. That’s why DeYoe has written a timely and highly acclaimed book called: MINDFUL MONEY: Simple Practices For Reaching Your Financial Goals And Increasing Your Happiness Dividend.

DeYoe’s goal is to help the average person develop a much more positive attitude toward money by placing it in the context of their present and future selves. Your viewers and listeners will appreciate the chance to learn the unique investment philosophy of one of the most successful wealth management experts in business. DeYoe draws upon his experience as a financial adviser and incorporating the philosophies of Eastern religions – he is a practicing Buddhist – to make the case that money is just one of many powerful tools for building a fulfilling life.

BACKGROUND: DeYoe is a California-based financial adviser and a longtime Buddhist. During his twenty years as a financial adviser, he has managed investments at Morgan Stanley, UBS PaineWebber, and Salomon Smith Barney. In 2001, he founded his own wealth management firm, DeYoe Wealth Management. Today DeYoe manages nearly $250 million for over two hundred families and foundations in the United States and overseas.

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