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Award-winning chef hosts pop-up dinner with Junk Food theme

It’s junk food… with a twist! Today on Indy Style, Chef Alan Sternberg, Common House, shares his take on a Short Rib “Burger” and Pizza Rolls, as part of his upcoming pop-up dinner!

Common House “Junk Food”

August 6, Turchetti’s Salumeria, 5:30 & 8 p.m.“Burger”:Short Rib:

2 lbs                Boneless Short Rib (trimmed)

1 C                   Kosher Salt

1 C                   White Sugar

Mix the salt and sugar and coat the short rib on all sides.  Let the short rib cure for at least 3-4 hours under refrigeration.  Don’t let cure longer than 12 hours or they will become over seasoned.  Wash off all the excess salt and sugar after they’re done curing.  Let dry on a tray in your refrigerator over night.  Braise the Short rib, we like to use chicken stock instead of beef or veal because it’s a little lighter.

Once braised, let chill in the braising liquid.

Beef Crepinette:

1 lbs                Beef Brisket

1 head            Napa Cabbage

4 oz                 Compt cheese or your favorite cheese

4 pieces          Caul Fat

TT                   Kosher Salt

Grind the brisket through a large dye and then a medium dye.  Season with salt and mix.  Take a piece of cheese and wrap the beef around the cheese.  Trim away the outside leaves of the napa cabbage.  Blanch in lightly salted water until the cabbage is pliable but not breaking apart.  Lay out on a sheet tray and chill.

Place a beef patty on each leaf and gently fold the leaf around the beef patty.  Cut a piece of caul fat to fit each patty and fold over.  Flip the crepinette over so the caul fat meats on the bottom.  Cook in a pan like a burger or bake in the oven until the cheese becomes soft.


1pt      heirloom cherry tomato

Bring a pot of water to a boil and season with kosher salt.  With a knife, make a small X in the bottom of each tomato.  Blanch the tomatoes and drop into an ice bath to remove the skins.  Peel the skins and discard them.   Reserve the peeled tomatoes until ready to serve.  Just before service, dress with a little bit of vinegar and kosher salt to season.Dijonnaise:

Combine Dijon mustard and mayonnaise in the proportion that you prefer.  Thin slightly with buttermilk and season with kosher salt.  We make our own mayonnaise but your favorite store bought variety will work just fine.


Trim the short rib into portions.  Re-heat in the braising liquid.  Add a bad of real butter to the liquid as it simmers to enrich it.  Cook the Crepinette until warm in the center.  Dress the tomatoes.  Glaze the short rib in the braising liquid.  Place on a plate.  Cut the crepinette in ½  and place beside the short rib.  Tuck in the tomatoes and dot the plate with the dijonnaise.  Garnish with tender greens or celery leaf.

“Pizza Roll”Cauliflower Filling:

1 ea                 Cauliflower head (Stem and leaves trimmed away)

TT                   kosher Salt

3 tbsp             Olive oil

½ C                 Grated Parmesan

½ C                 Whipped mascarpone

Chop the cauliflower into pieces.  Place in a ziplock brand freezer bag with the salt and olive oil.  Seal the bag with your finger in one end of the opening to leave a small hole.  Fill a pot with water and submerge the bag slowly except for the hole at the top.  The water will push out excess air. Heat a pot of water to a boil and then boil the bag for 10 minutes until the cauliflower brakes apart but isn’t void of all texture.

Remove the bag from the water and chill it over cool ice water.  Once cool, smash the cauliflower with your hands until it is about the same size.  Strain the mixture through a fine mesh strainer to pull off any olive oil or water that’s left.

Once cooled completely, fold the cauliflower into the cheese and whipped mascarpone.  Reserve in a piping bag.

Pasta Dough/Agnolotti:

2 ea                 Fresh Farm Eggs

1 ½ C              00 Flour

1 tsp                kosher salt

Mix 1 1/3c flour and salt in a bowl.  Make a well in the flour, make sure not to expose the bottom of the bowl.  In a small bowl, mix the eggs well until they are all the same consistency.  Pour the egg mix into the well of flour.  Use a fork and slowly incorporate flour from the rim and drag it into the egg mixture.  Continue until all the flour is incorporated.  Remove the dough and kneed by hand for 10 minutes.  If the dough is tacky, add a little extra flour until it is no longer tacky.  Continue kneeding.  Wrap the dough in plastic and let rest for at least 30 minutes.

Roll the pasta out on a pasta roller until it is thin enough for a filled pasta.

Roll out a sheet of pasta and place dollops of the cauliflower mix along once side, about a ¼ inch from the edge of the dough.  Leave enough room in between each one to seal the Agnolotti.  With a pastry brush, gently and lightly brush water onto the inside of the dough.  Fold the dough over from the outside into the inside to cover the filling.  Pinch in-between each dollop.  Using a fluted pasta cutter, Roll along the from side of the filled pasta and then through each pinched part.

Use pasta right away or store in the freezer.

Tomato Broth:

1 tbsp             Fennel seed

1/8 tbsp         Celery Seed

1/8 tsp           Red Pepper Flake

1 ½ tbsp         Whole Coriander

Toast the spices in the oven or on the stove top.

Grind spices

9 Clove           Fresh Garlic

9 ea                 Ripe Red Tomato

4 Tbsp                        White Verjus

TT                   Kosher Salt

Blend all the ingredients and mix with the spices

Put the liquid on the stove and bring to a simmer.  Simmer for 5 minuts.

Strain through a coffee filter twice or until the liquid runs clear.Basil Oil:

2 Bunch          Fresh Sweet Basil

½ C                 Grapeseed Oil

In a high speed blender, blend the basil and oil together.  The color will have a brownish note and not look as vibrant as you think it should.

Pour the oil into a small sauce pan and bring to 210 degrees F.  Strain through a coffee filter or fine mesh cheese cloth.  Cool and reserve under refrigeration until ready to serve.Assemble:

Cook the pasta in seasoned water until they are cooked through, about 3-4 minutes.

In a small sauce pan, heat the tomato broth.  Place the cooked pasta in a bowl.  Drizzle a little of the basil oil over top and just before serving, pour or ladle the hot broth over top.

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