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Boost your confidence with this local hair growth solution

If your confidence is lacking because of hair loss, there’s a solution to get it back and feel even better than before. Will Saddler, director of transitions at Transitions Indy joined us today to share what’s new with the company. Here’s more from them:

We opened our NEW Hair Loss Treatment Center. Offering more space, more comfort, the latest in hair restoration and biotech solutions to help men and women grow their hair back and have fuller thicker hair. We are now the largest Hair restoration facility in the Midwest, 25 years and still growing, right here in the Pyramids.

Transitions PAI is very proud of that, and today we are going to introduce you to Mindy Winkler – Transitions new VIP– from the Caleb and Mindy in the morning on 97.1 Hank FM. Mindy like a lot of women used extensions to make her hair thicker. Between hormones and her hair thinning as she got older, she came to Transitions after seeing results from other friends hoping for a solution.

One of the things we pride ourselves in at Transitions is that it’s not a one size fits all solutions. Mindy’s fine hair will be helped by our laser treatments (show photo under laser), PRP and CR Labs products, then after a period of time we will monitor and incorporate Exosomes, our new biotech procedure for thinning hair.

That’s what we are known for, offering the right solutions for each person we meet. It is very specific to their situation and type of hair loss. For some men they may need hair restoration. For some women their hair may be thinning due to hormones, medications, pregnancy hair loss.

A lot of people say they like that a lot of people in our office have also had procedures done. Today’s guest, Will, had a hair transplant, so he understands what it’s like to to struggle with hair loss and to finally find the right solution.

The only way you can determine what is best is to have a free consultation. It all begins starts with the hair and scalp analysis. This magnifies the hair and scalp and is a factor in determining what treatments and procedures can help.

To book your private consultation call, 317-522-2991 or and