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Brick Building Contest for kids 13 and younger

Brick Building Contest for kids 13 and younger

While your kids are at home this week – tell them to get our their LEGOs and start building!

Bryan Bonahoom, Chief Brick Officer, Bonahoom Builds, and Nicholas Gamertsfelder, Make-A-Wish Ambassador, Brickworld, tell us about their Brick Building Contest. Here’s how it works:

You build something out of bricks and write a story to go with it. Submit to

What to submit:
Your name
Your age
Your favorite LEGO theme
Name of your creation
Name of your story
Your story
Pictures of your creation

Must be 13 years old or younger
Must live in Indiana
The creation can’t be a LEGO set. It must be original.

Judging criteria:
Judging will examine how well your build represents your story. We will examine the technical complexity of the build and its overall aesthetic value. We will be looking for details in the story. Grammar and spelling matter.

Winners will be chosen by the judges. The judges’ decisions are final. Depending on the number of submissions, we may break the contest into age groups. There will be at least 1 LEGO set awarded as a prize in each age group.

Deadline for entry is 9 PM Eastern time on March 31st. Winners will be notified by email.

To learn more, visit