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Brickworld LEGO Exposition celebrates 12 years in Indy

The Brickworld LEGO Exposition returns to Indianapolis this weekend! At Brickworld Indianapolis, thousands of hobbyists of all ages will enjoy playing at LEGO and DUPLO brick stations, seeing spectacular creations, and visiting vendor booths to enhance their collections.

Mark Larson, chief brick officer at Brickworld, and Nick Gamertsfelder, Brickworld Make-a-Wish coordinator, joined us Thursday on “Life.Style.Live!” to share everything you need to know about the event.

The exposition is happening on Saturday, March 19 and Sunday, March 20 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, Blue Ribbon Pavilion. This is located at 1202 East 38th Street, Indianapolis, IN, 46205.

The Expo runs Saturday from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. General admission tickets are $14 and $9 for military members and first responders (at the door, with ID, only). Online pre-purchase tickets are available for $12. Kids under three are free. State Fairgrounds parking is currently $10, subject to change.

The Indy Expo will feature 50 displays, including “Goldcrest Castle,” the beautiful island of “Stud Sand Beach” and “Super Robo Rally,” where guests will have the opportunity to maneuver large LEGO robots around a massive LEGO game board. Many talented adult fans of LEGO® will be exhibiting giant cities, castle layouts, train towns, interactive displays, and much more! With enough exploration, guests may even find zombies, dinosaurs, steampunk, and Diagon AlleyTM.

The Brickworld Expo will also feature a Play Brick area with many brick options; a community Graffiti Wall, where participants can create whatever they like. Kids (of all ages) can even build unique bird creations at a display where their avian models will “fly” around the display for the weekend!

“Brickworld invites fans to take their eyes off of screens and put their hands onto bricks to submerge in the fun of 3D playing and collaboration among friends,” said Chief Brick Officer and Master Builder Mark Larson.

The expo will also feature the social media sensation, The Great Ball Contraption, which is a giant collection of small LEGO machines that pass thousands of LEGO soccer balls around a loop. The now-world-famous GBC originally debuted at Brickworld. Many Expo attendees film GBC demonstrations, walkthroughs and module-building tutorials to post online. Brickworld holds the record for the longest GBC loop, and this area is often the most popular display where attendees should plan to spend time watching the entire system.

“Brickworld is also delighted to see the new Lego Masters series on FOX,” Larson added. “LEGO bricks deserve to be in primetime, and we hope our guests will come meet their favorite contestants from the show.”

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