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Chef Wendell prepares open-faced sandwiches

Why do we eat?  

Entertainment, boredom, to stop our stomach from growing, stress or emotion? Food is so much more than what’s on the plate. Its divine tools (vitamins, clean proteins, fiber and trace minerals) used by our Holy Temple’s cells to rebuild and sustaining a healthy, balanced home of the soul.  

Chef Wendell Fowler, author, chef, motivational speaker, joined us Thursday on “Life.Style.Live!” to discuss whether people are using food simply to foil hunger or for nutrition. He also prepared open-faced sandwiches and discussed their nutrition. Here’s more from him:

Food is part of who we are. Are you a Twinkie? We literally become what we eat.  

Food is fuel and medicine. Quality is crucial to whole health: our birthright. 

Food is any nutritious substance people or animals eat or drink or that plants absorb to maintain life and growth 

An avatar that houses the soul as we journey through our short lifetime.  

Because cells utilize what we eat to create, rebuild, and repair our Holy Temple, we become what we eat.   

Real, not machine cuisine, provides energy, stamina, vitamins, minerals missing from our modern diet.  

Colorful Open-faced Sammie’s (Assembly portions somewhat depend on personal taste.)



  • Ricotta 
  • Fresh oregano chopped 
  • (mix these together to make a spread)   
  • Roasted cherry tomatoes & garlic (Oven sheet pan) 
  • Bib lettuce leaf  
  • Pickled veggie garnish (jar) 

English muffin  

Sautéed zucchini-bottom-cut into ribbons 
Fresh or canned salmon melts (Make salad)  
Cheese-melted on top 
Grated egg, capers and dill garnish  

Gluten-free honey oat bread crostini with Goats’ cheese  

  • Figs & drizzled raw honey 
  • Fresh berry garnish 

Ezekiel bread (pan fried) crostini  

  • Sautéed spinach 
  • Tomato slice 
  • Red onion, chopped 
  • Fried egg

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