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Choosing the right surface for your countertops

Wanting to update your kitchen countertops but aren’t sure which look to go with? Traci King, Owner, Trademark Surfaces, teaches us more about Quartz and the beautiful and trendy “waterfall edge.”


  • Man-Made comprised mostly of quartz with some resin-

This creates color consistency, so colors can be replicated

This product is considered sanitary and non-porous which will never need sealing

It’s created to resemble marble and natural stone

  • Quartz is a very hard durable surface. Its heat resistant, scratch resistant- but its not heat proof, discuss why not to put hot pans on the surface…
  • Cleaning tips- best way to clean quartz is mild soap/water or windex. Avoid acidic or harsh/abrasive cleaners as this can dull the product.
  • Quartz adds value to your home, its beautiful and will last a lifetime

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