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Chris from The Film Yap reviews this week’s movie offerings

What movie are YOU watching this weekend?! We’re joined at the Indianapolis Home Show by The Film Yap’s Christopher Lloyd with a look at what’s in store!• The Founder

Michael Keaton shines in this true-ish story of Ray Kroc, who’s called the founder of the McDonald’s fast food empire, but actually stole the entire concept from a pair of unheralded brothers.”

• A Dog’s Purpose

Is there any dog movie that isn’t a three-hankie weepie? You may resent being manipulated by this story of a pup who lives out multiple lives helping humans, but I defy you to not shed a tear.”

• Gold

Matthew McConaughey stars as failed 1980s wheeler-dealer who literally strikes gold when he comes up with the crazy idea of starting a mine in Indonesia, then reaps the whirlwind of untold wealth and temptation.”

• Paterson

Adam Driver stars as a bus driver who also works as a poet in this quiet, lyrical film about the nature of creative people. Slow-moving but never dull. From writer/director Jim Jarmusch.”

• Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Is that a promise? Milla Jovovich is back for one last rodeo as the zombie-butt-kicking superheroine, unless the box office paves the way for “Resident Evil: We Didn’t Really Mean It.”

• The Handmaiden – Buy It

Chan-wook Park’s tale of a Korean thief who poses as a servant in a wealthy Japanese household in order to run a scam, but then passions collide. One of the year’s best foreign language films. Buy It.”

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