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Colton creates style with Shuē Clothing

Colton Howard never ceases to amaze us with his fashion sense. Dorian Mays and Taleb Fazle from Shuē Clothing joined him live in our studio Wednesday morning to create styles that are sure to have you looking and feeling your absolute best.

During the segment, we discussed the backstory of Shuē, with a particular focus on their mission of striving to make the community a better place, powered by passion. The guests discussed where their personal passion comes from and if there was a defining moment in the process of creating Shuē.

(WISH Photo)

Shuē Clothing brought in 30 pieces of clothing to fill the table. They’re committed to making the community a better place. Since its establishment in 2015, Shuē has been dedicated to giving back to the Indianapolis community through various initiatives. They have organized shows to raise monetary donations and shed light on local charities.

In 2020, Shuē began selling t-shirts and face covers, with all proceeds going towards important causes such as Black Lives Matter funding, bail projects, and the NAACP college fund. Now, Shuē is taking further steps to support the community by allocating a percentage of their sales to causes like ending homelessness, addressing healthcare inequalities, and advocating for mental health resources. They actively engage with communities and educate people on these important topics to make a lasting impact.