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Creative life hacks using household items

When we buy staples like tinfoil and paper towels for our homes, we think of their uses in a traditional way. Sherri French, lifestyle and parenting expert has some creative ways to use products in your homes in ways that you never thought of!

Paper Towels – Use a wet paper towel to get the silk off of corn on the cob easily.  Want to freeze your bread and not have it be soggy?  When placing the bread into the freezer, put a paper towel inside.  It will absorb the moisture when you take the loaf out of the freezer, so you no longer will have soggy bread.

Tinfoil – Use tinfoil to take hard brown sugar and make it soft again.  Wrap the brown sugar tight in tinfoil, place in oven and brown sugar will soften.  Make homemade cookie cutters.  Make a piping bag for icing.  Clean your BBQ grill.

Toothpaste – Crayon marks on your wall?  Use non-gel toothpaste to scrub it off and it will come clean every time.  Clean the bottom of your iron using this same technique.

Dish Soap – Make homemade ice packs filling a Ziploc bag with dish soap.  Trap and kill fruit flies by using a bowl of vinegar with several drops of dish soap.

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