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Drink of the Week: Bushmills Irish Whiskey

Drink of the Week: Bushmills Irish Whiskey

Located along the North Coast of Ireland lies the legendary Bushmills Irish Whiskey Distillery.

With over four centuries of history, Bushmills proudly holds the title of the original single malt whiskey.

Triple-distilling its whiskey with care, Bushmills has honed its craft over generations, perfecting the art of creating exceptionally smooth and flavorful spirits.

What sets Bushmills apart is not just its age, but its commitment to innovation and expertise.

With a wealth of knowledge accumulated over centuries, Bushmills stands as the sole distillery in Ireland uniquely positioned to consistently produce single malts of unparalleled quality.

From high-age statements to the exploration of extremely rare cask types, each release from Bushmills shows the mastery of its craft.

So raise a glass this St. Patrick’s Day and toast to the spirit of Bushmills Irish Whiskey, a timeless symbol of Ireland’s rich whiskey-making heritage.