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Eco-friendly home renovation with Granite Transformations

David Michalowicz, Director of Sales at Granite Transformations, delivered an engaging segment in our studio this morning!

To enhance the presentation, he compiled a list of props for display and demonstration. These props included a countertop sample showcasing their products over existing surfaces, available color options for countertops, and various door samples for their refacing services.

He highlighted the advantages of their products compared to normal slab options and informed viewers about the maintenance required by homeowners.

Michalowicz emphasized its commitment to sustainability by using recycled materials in its products, ensuring quality and beauty are not compromised.

He also mentioned their exclusive ForeverSeal® technology, which enhances the durability and longevity of their etherium® By E-Stone surfaces.

Michalowicz highlighted the convenience of their in-home consultations and the option to visit showrooms, emphasizing the minimal disruption and quick completion time offered by Granite and TREND Transformations. You can find out more information by visiting their website at