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Education Mondays at Ivy Tech Community College

Ivy Tech Community College, known for its affordable and high-quality education, has an education program that aims to equip future educators with the skills and knowledge needed to shape the next generation.

The education program at Ivy Tech prepares students for a fulfilling career in teaching, where they will be responsible for shaping young minds and preparing them for the challenges of life. The program focuses on building content knowledge in subjects used in grades K-6 and providing inclusive teaching methods that support social and emotional growth.

Education program graduates will be ready to become teaching assistants or substitute teachers. The secondary education program, which provides the skills to teach science and math courses to middle and high school students, will also be offered soon.

Ivy Tech’s education program is part of the School of Arts, Sciences, and Education, which provides students with many opportunities to explore their interests and passions. With Ivy Tech’s commitment to accessibility and affordability, the program offers a solid foundation for a successful career in education.