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Empowering water conservation with Citizens Energy Group

(WISH Photo)

Tune in as Ben Easley, the Coordinator of Corporate & Public Affairs for Citizens Energy Group, takes center stage alongside the potential appearance of the Indianapolis Colts’ cheerful mascot, Blue. Together, they’ll unravel the mission and impact of the #TwiceAWeekChallenge, an initiative that not only holds the promise of winning Colts tickets but also champions the responsible use of water resources across Central Indiana.

In an engaging show-and-tell segment, Ben Easley aims to captivate viewers’ attention, demonstrating how the message of water conservation can be both informative and fun. The challenge is particularly pertinent for out-of-town viewers, as it addresses the vital concern of sustainable water usage that extends beyond Indianapolis. The challenge is simple—reduce lawn irrigation to twice a week, and in doing so, contribute to alleviating stress on the water infrastructure and decreasing unnecessary costs. Central Indiana’s recent hot and dry spells have unveiled the critical connection between lawn irrigation and water consumption. With approximately 50-70% of drinking water being used for watering lawns, the initiative becomes not only about water conservation but also about making mindful decisions to avoid straining the system.

Expect an insightful conversation as the hosts delve into the strategy behind the challenge. Ben Easley will address the significance of reducing lawn irrigation and offer practical steps for Central Indiana residents to make a genuine impact. From staggering watering times to being conscious of weather forecasts, the guidance provided will empower viewers to play an active role in water conservation. And of course, the icing on the cake is the chance to win Colts tickets through the #TwiceAWeekChallenge. By posting a video of the “Sprinkler Dance” on social media and tagging @CitizensEnergyGroup with the hashtag #TwiceAWeekChallenge, participants become eligible for a random selection of winners. With the challenge running until September 1, the clock is ticking to join this innovative movement. Citizens Energy Group’s commitment to the community and responsible utility services shines through this engaging campaign, making a splash in both conservation efforts and community engagement.