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Enchanted Fairy Festival bringing magic to Central Indiana

Enchanted Fairy Trails, founded by Rebecca Holloway, is the driving force behind the Central Indiana Enchanted Fairy Festival, a whimsical event aimed at enriching people’s lives through fun, inspiration, creativity, and self-expression.

This festival serves as a crucial fundraiser for the Enchanted Fairy Trail, which has become a cherished attraction in the region.

A portion of every ticket sold goes towards supporting Oinking Acers Farm Rescue & Sanctuary located in Brownsburg.

Since its establishment in 2018, the Central Indiana Enchanted Fairy Trail has experienced remarkable growth. It now boasts enchanting fairy stops spread across eight counties, totaling approximately 50 locations.

These magical spots can be found in various settings, including parks, libraries, and businesses.

The festival’s website,, serves as the central hub for all information regarding the event.

Visitors to the site can explore the festival’s schedule, learn about featured activities and attractions, and obtain tickets for this enchanting experience. The website ensures that attendees are well-informed and prepared to immerse themselves in a world of wonder and magic.

By supporting the Central Indiana Enchanted Fairy Festival, attendees not only partake in an unforgettable experience but also contribute to the sustainability of the Enchanted Fairy Trail and the noble mission of Oinking Acers Farm Rescue & Sanctuary. This unique event fosters a sense of community, ignites creativity, and brings joy to the hearts of all who attend.