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Enjoy the music of La Casa Azul

Experience the vibrant world of “La Casa Azul” as the Carmel Symphony Orchestra brings to life the award-winning musical production in a special concert version at the Palladium, Center for Performing Arts, on August 5. This unique performance, directed by Artistic Director Janna Hymes and NYC Director Georgina Escobar, will showcase an original score composed by Carmel resident Gregory Glade with lyrics by Kate Ayers and Gregory Glade. Inspired by the captivating life of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, the show boasts a cast of local vocalists and dancers from the renowned Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre. Be prepared to be taken away as the music, costumes, and symphony orchestra come together to create a memorable experience. As guests take a journey through Frida Kahlo’s remarkable life, they will be spellbound by the multilayered orchestral and sung-through music that tells her compelling story. Don’t miss this extraordinary event that promises to captivate hearts and imaginations alike.