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Everybody play the fool. How to get your family funny ON!

It’s a crazy day, week, month – keeping up with the hectic game many of us play called “Family.” Sometimes just getting it all done and getting everyone where they need to be takes up all of our time leaving no time for family fun. So what can you do? Family fun expert Donna Bozzo – and author of the upcoming book, “What The Fun?! 427 Simple Ways To Find Fantastic Family Fun” – says when there is little time for fun – reach for FUNny, we think a perfect strategy with April Fool’s Day right around the corner.

Here’s how:


Grab some whoopee cushions and ice cube flies. Declare it practical joke week at home and let the zingers flyFUNNY PLACEMATS

Start the day off with a giggle and a snort — laminate funny cartoons for laughable placemats at the breakfast table.CHEAP TRICK: FIND FUNNY PROPS

Lighten the mood during homework hour, at breakfast, or on a long car ride with funny props. Moustaches, over- sized sunglasses, wax lips lighten the mood and can get lots of laughs especially with little ones.FIND A FUNNY RHYME

Challenge your family to combine their best one liners with a progressive punny poem. Cut a grocery bags into long, skinny strips and tape to the wall of your breakfast nook or mudroom-someplace everyone gathers. You go first with that first funny line then challenge the rest of the gang to keep adding to the poem as the week goes by.


Take the edge of a piece of Ivory soap and write your best knock knock jokes on the kids bathroom mirror before they wake up.TURN YOUR HOUSE INTO A COMEDY CLUB

Let the kids spend the day finding jokes and writing down their material. Check out joke books from the library. Google jokes together. Or even buy joke books in advance on Ama- Then, one at a time get up to the “mic” and try your jokes out on the crowd. Any mic will do- a toy mic, a banana, an empty toilet paper roll. I like to jazz things up with fake mustaches, old ties, sunglasses, and decorated hats. An old shower curtain makes a great stage. Attach it to your portable guest coat rack or just hang with a rope. Drumsticks can be fun for audience members to make a ta-dum-dum sound effect for favored jokes. Big wholesome fun for grown up and kids alike on a wintry evening home, the best part- together.

For more simple ideas for fantastic family fun, look for Donna’s upcoming book, “What The Fun?! 427 Simple Ways To Find Fantastic Family Fun” in bookstores everywhere in May – AND available for pre-order online now… a good idea for parents who want to be all ready for the long summer break with the kiddos!

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