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Festiva chef prepares food inspired by new District Theatre show, ‘Qaddafi’s Cook’

“Qaddafi’s Cook” is a show coming to The District Theatre stage on Saturday, Nov. 19 and Sunday, Nov. 20.

The synopsis is, “Libyan Dictator, Muammar Qaddafi, the world’s bloodiest foodie, wanted a Mexican Chef and he got one. Inspired by true events, this is that young cook’s story.”

Chef George Munoz, owner of Festiva Restaurant, and Pauline Moffat, managing director of The District Theatre, joined us Wednesday on “Life.Style.Live!” to discuss the show and to prepare dishes inspired by it.

Food in its aromas and rituals is an integral part of the experience as sous chef Fredy recreates onstage the tyrant’s favorite dishes. each standing as a metaphor for totalitarianism. By the end, the audience can almost smell the fear of the people while questioning their own complicity in misrule. In a separate reality, a U.S. government agent probes the riddle of the contents of a worn backpack now in the hands of Mexican authorities. 

The District Theatre is a live performing arts venue located in the thriving Mass Ave. and Theatre District in downtown Indianapolis. By bringing new voices to the stage, their goal is for our audience to learn from and be inspired by thought-provoking performances. 

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