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Fill your closet with staple pieces while helping prevent sex-trafficking

Fill your closet with staple pieces while helping prevent sex-trafficking

As women age, they often feel the need to “dress older” or completely cover their bodies in over-sized fabrics to hide their figures. At Modern Spindle, the goal is to celebrate the body as we age!

On today’s Indy Style, mother-daughter duo Natalie Fields and Donna Russell, tell us more about their mission to serve women, but also the deeper meaning that lies in the true fabric of all they do.

ABOUT MODERN SPINDLE: Modern Spindle Clothing Company focuses on bringing sustainably made, well-tailored, high-quality items for the modern woman. Our look is Scandinavian minimalistic, with timeless designs in mind. We live in a world where we are told we need to keep buying the latest and greatest trend to be happy. At Modern Spindle, we believe in quality over quantity and finding items of clothing that can be worn years to come without going “out of style” (basics that can be worn with multiple outfits).

OUR OUTREACH: We are partnered with All Worthy of Love (AWOL) where I volunteer on Tuesday evenings. We drive one of the most impoverished streets in Indianapolis, passing out lunches and hygiene kits to women we see. We work with many prostitutes and trafficked victims, including children. Our goal is to build trust with these women so they will reach out to us when they are ready. We are the bridge that connects these women to housing, work and other needs they may have. AWOL prevents sex-trafficking through awareness. We promote awareness through various speaking engagements at local churches, schools, and small groups to educate the community of modern day slavery. Our goal is to not only help raise awareness, but cause a domino effect of change. By choosing to shop with us, you are choosing to help end modern day slavery and get those affected back on their feet.

In 2018, the US was ranked one of the worst places in the world for human trafficking. Many people think it doesn’t happen here or that is just something that happens in third world countries, but it is very prevalent the United States. It is ESPECIALLY common Indiana as we are located right in the middle of the Crossroads of America. (If people decide to donate clothing items, blankets, feminine care products etc., they will get 10% off their purchase at Modern Spindle).

How to spot Sex Trafficking:

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