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Film Yap Review: “It” scares into theaters this weekend

Are you ready for the scare? The Film Yap’s Christopher Lloyd reviews “It” and tells us what else is in theaters this weekend:It

Stephen King’s classic novel about a killer clown gets a much-anticipated big screen adaptation as a group of kids team up to fight monsters, and bullies.”

Crown Heights

Lakeith Stanfield shines in this powerful drama based on a true story about a man wrongfully convicted for murder who spends decades trying earn his freedom and good name. One of the year’s best films.”

The Good Catholic

In a wholesome small town a young priest tends to his flock, until his faith is tested by the love of a woman. Co-starring Danny Glover.”


This not-at-all-subtle ripoff of the “Twilight” movies is derivative, but not terrible. A young girl enrolls in a mysterious school where some of the students seem supernatural.”

Home Again

Reese Witherspoon plays a 40-year-old single mom whose life is turned upside down when she invites three twentysomething guys to live with her, and falls for one of them.”

Viceroy’s House

Gillian Anderson stars in this period drama about the last British viceroy during the transition to the independence of India and the separation of Pakistan in the 1940s.”

The Women’s Balcony

In a devout Orthodox community in Jerusalem, one family’s bar mitzvah proves to be the mishap that sets off strife between three generations.”

True to the Game

Drug dealers square off in this gritty urban drama that also incorporates some romantic themes.”

Band Aid

This funny and insightful romantic dramedy examines a married couple who seem stuck in their 30s. Stream It.”

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