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Firefighter Tim’s Towel Workout

Get in a good workout…. all with a partner and a towel! Firefighter Tim joins Amber this morning for a quick demonstration of how a towel can do most of the work, from your arms, to your abs and more! Tim says you can do this workout anywhere from the beach to your living room. Only equipment needed is a towel and your workout partner!

Here are few examples of moves that you can try:

1. Resistance walk: walk across your yard with the towel around your hips. Have your partner hold the towel and walk with you giving resistance.

2. Standing Back Row: stand facing your partner with slightly bent knees and each hold one end of the towel on the right hand. Each alternate pulling back with the towel ten times and then switch.

3. Bicep Curl: have your partner hold down on the towel giving resistance as you curl the towel up.

4. Tricep Extension: holding your arms above your head, have your partner stand behind you and use downward resistance while you extend your hands straight above your head ten times.

Another great benefit to this workout is weather you are performing the workout movement or holding the resistance you are engaging muscles and burning fat, along with engaging your core and strengthening it!

So grab a partner, find a towel and start your workout!