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Firework Safety with Firefighter Tim

Light those fireworks, but do it safely this 4th of July weekend! Firefighter Tim has a few tips:

The Carmel Fire Department always advises people to go to the professional firework shows put on by communities such as downtown Indianapolis or Carmelfest in Carmel, instead of doing their own. This, of course, is the safest way to enjoy fireworks. Some other safe alternatives are glow sticks, party string poppers, and Whipper Snappers.

Whenever you are going to use fireworks, make sure that you have a water source such as a hose or extinguisher and make sure to have gloves and eye protection. Read all directions on fireworks. Always light them one at a time make sure you are in a wide open area and spectators are a safe distance away. Also, you need to be very careful with even the simplest fireworks like sparklers, as they can be very dangerous. Sparklers can burn at temperatures upwards of 1200 degrees and can instantly burn skin or clothes. Remember to Please be safe, and have a wonderful 4th of July!