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Focus on Food Friday: The importance of eggs in cooking

Vera’s Corner discusses the importance of eggs in cooking

Eggs, recognized for their nutritional benefits, are a fundamental and adaptable ingredient in numerous recipes. When it comes to utilizing eggs in the kitchen, several key tips can enhance their culinary use.

In baking, eggs are essential, contributing not only nutritional value but also structure, leavening, richness, and even color and flavor to dishes. To ensure optimal integration into batters and assist in the rising process, it’s advisable to use eggs at room temperature. Although most recipes are calibrated for one large egg, varying sizes can affect the outcome. Therefore, in situations where an alternative size is used, consulting a conversion chart is recommended to maintain the correct egg-to-flour ratio.

For easily peeled hard-cooked eggs, a simple technique involves running cold water over the eggs for one minute and then placing them in a bowl of cold water until they cool. Immediate peeling is suggested for best results, making them a convenient addition to a Cobb salad or transforming them into a high-protein egg salad.

Achieving the perfect scrambled eggs requires coating a pan with your preferred oil over medium-high heat, adding beaten eggs, and stirring rapidly with broad strokes. When the eggs seem cooked but slightly liquidy, removing them from the heat is crucial. They will continue to cook off the heat, so early removal is key to preventing overcooking.

Whether incorporated into baked goods, salads, or as part of a protein-rich breakfast, these tips can help make the most of eggs, a versatile superfood in any kitchen.

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