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“Fuller House” star Lori Loughlin on World Water Day

So many of us know her as Aunt Becky from the TV show Full House, but now actress Lori Loughlin is teaming up with Scott Harrison, (CEO of charity: water), to spread the word on how we can help bring clean water to Ethiopia.

Together, Lori and Scott are calling on Americans to help “lift the burden” by taking the #40Pounds Challenge. To get involved, upload a picture of yourself holding anything that weighs approximately 40 pounds to represent the burden women and young girls without access to clean and safe water have to carry every day. For every photo posted, a $5 donation will go to charity: water and directly to fund water projects in Ethiopia.

Clean and safe drinking water is a necessity afforded to many, but unfortunately not all. Across the globe, 663 million people lack access to clean and safe drinking water. In Africa, South America, Asia, and beyond, women and children in particular spend hours every day walking miles to collect water that oftentimes is contaminated, causing diseases and serious illnesses. Women and children often bear the burden of walking hours each day for water, time that could be spent at school or work. Access to clean and safe drinking water transforms lives.

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