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Gadget gifts for Father’s Day

Give the gift of technology this Father’s Day! Nicole Cornella from Tech Launch Pad shares some the coolest gadgets that any dad would love.

Here are a few of the items on today’s show!

Cyntur: JumperPack mini –

Must-have, portable lithium-Ion jumpstarter for cars or boats also doubles as a smart charging device during emergency situations

• Holds a charge for an entire year

• Able to jump a battery six times in a row

• Weighs less than 1 pound

• SafeJump technology prevents reverse charge and over-current

• Easily rechardged via AC wall unit in less than four hours

• Features a 200 Lumen LED light that functions as a continuous torch or emergency strobe light

• Quickly charges smartphones, tablets and more

• Displays available power at a glance

Available: March 22 at Target

Price: $99.95

OptiShot: Optishot Golf 2

Briefcase-sized golf simulator combines the latest in analytic and shot tracer technology with a user-friendly interface

• Works with every club in your bag, requires no elaborate set-up and is compatible with Windows and Mac

• Sixteen precisely-tuned, high-speed 48MHz infrared sensors, each calibrated to track your favorite clubs, before, during and after contact

• Simulator transmits data to your Mac or Windows computer in real time after every swing

• Tracks speed, tempo, club plane and hand path

• Play Mode: the user selects from an exclusive course library which displays realistic 3D images of popular world-class golf courses with multiple camera views

• Practice Mode: the OptiShot PinPoint will track and record progress

• OptiShot Live feature allows users to play 18 holes against other golfers from down the street or across the globe without ever leaving their home

Available at: Optishot Golf

Price: $ 499.99


A-Audio: Icon Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

Experience avant-garde design, uncompromised comfort and unparalleled sound wherever you go

• Inspired by classic auto and luxury timepiece design

• Made with supple leather with diamond-quilted stitching in the headphone band and premium octagonal aluminum bezels on each ear cup

• Features Bluetooth 4.0 technology so you can experience rich sound wirelessly from your mobile device

• Can also be used with the 4-foot detachable, tangle-free audio cable, which connects to the 24k gold plated headphone jack contact for optimum signal transfer

• Rechargeable lithium-ion battery gives you up to 12 hours of uninterrupted wireless sound

• Built-in controls on the ear cup put your music at your fingertips with remote control of track volume and more

• Offers Active Noise Cancellation or Audio modes

• Comes with luxe travel case, polishing cloth, USB charging cable and wall/AC charger

• Two year warranty

• Available in Liquid Chrome and Matte Phantom Black

Available at: (available November 1)

Price: $379 MSRP


Zepp: Zepp 3D Multi-Sport Motion Sensor and Platform

Wearable sensor that allows users to review and replay their swing in 360º and HD video, plus providing detailed analysis and trend reports sent straight to any iOS® or Android device

• Users can review and replay their swing in 360 degrees and see their swing in HD Video

• Compare your swings to pro athletes including Mike Trout, David Ortiz, Hunter Pence, Jennie Finch, Keegan Bradley and more

• 3D motion sensor easily attaches to any bat, club, or racket using innovative sport-specific mounts

• Sensor wirelessly transmits data to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth after every swing

• Baseball: track bat speed, path, timing, angles at impact, trends and more

• Golf: track speed, tempo, club plane, hand path, backswing position, hip rotation and more

• Tennis: track shot type mix (serve, forehand, backhand, smash), power and spin (topspin, slice, flat) and more

• Able to compare swings to pros and friends and share your swing data with others

• Zepp application records critical data and provides analysis, personalized tips, drills and coaching

• Sensor has an 8 hour battery life, weighs 6.3 grams and measures 1.1″ x 1.1″ x .39″

Available at: Apple, Verizon, Best Buy

Price: $ 149.99


iDevices: iGrill²

From the novice griller to the pro, sit back while this Bluetooth Smart meat thermometer alerts you when your meat is at the perfect temp

• Pair with iDevices Connected app and monitor your meat from your mobile device

• Four probes allow you to monitor temperatures of four separate meats simultaneously with app

• Customized temperature alerts tell you when your food reaches the perfect temperature

• 150-foot Bluetooth Smart Range; includes two professional grade Pro Meat probes

• Magnetic mounting for your grill; illuminated display for quick temp check

• Compatible with iOS and most Android devices

Available:, Apple Stores

Price: $99.99


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