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Gadget Guy: Awesome Father’s Day gifts

Gadget Guy: Awesome Father’s Day gifts


1. Murf Higgs Step-Thru – Low-Riding Utility Electric Bike

Dad can cruise around town in style this Father’s Day, while also saving his wallet on gas with the Murf Higgs Step-Thru. This low-riding utility electric bike features rugged 20” X 4” fat tires that provide stability and control on various terrains, a lightweight design for easy handling, a step-thru frame with a low stepover height that makes it easy to get on and off, plus an adjustable saddle and BMX style handlebars that can have their height adjusted to accommodate riders of all sizes. It also features a single-speed sprocket system, hydraulic disk brakes, a five-level pedal assist system, and a thumb throttle for off-road use. It also integrates a 3-LED headlight and taillight that ensure safety and visibility during nighttime, a built-in kickstand for safe parking, and a built-in rear rack for storage or attaching optional cargo accessories. The bike uses a powerful 750W brushless motor that makes it capable of reaching up to 25 mph, a 52V 15Ah battery that offers riders up to 50 miles, and an upgraded display screen that tracks speed, battery level, and power output. 


2. Atomi 4K Dual Lens Dash Cam & Smart Color String Lights

$119.99, $64.99

For times when dad’s driving, ensure his safety on the road with the Atomi 4K Dual Lens Dash Cam. This advanced dual-view dash camera system features a high-definition front-view camera that records video footage in 4K Ultra HD, and in a wide-angle to capture all of the road’s details, plus a smaller inside-view camera that records video in 1080p FHD resolution, with both cameras boasting a Night Vision function for recording in low light conditions. It also integrates a 1.5-inch LCD screen, which plays live or recorded video footage, a built-in crash sensor that automatically saves video footage to an SD card, and a GPS Track Record function that utilizes satellite technology to record driving speed and routes. The device can be controlled via the Atomi Dash App for live viewing, video editing, and sharing.

Or, surprise dad and brighten up the outside of his home with the Atomi Smart Color String Lights (Cylinder). These WiFi-enabled color-changing outdoor LED string lights have a shatterproof construction, a IP65 Weatherproof-Rating, and can be linked with additional string lights up to 1,728 ft. Brightness and infinite color options can be adjusted via the Atomi App, and homeowners can control each light individually or group them together to configure real or timed custom scenes. There are also pre-sets themes available such as USA, Christmas, etc, and the Music Sync Mode can sync the lights with your music, plus Voice Assistant support for Alexa and Google Assistant. video:


3. Grandpa Gus’s Pet Lover Bundle – Plant-Based Pet Care Sprays

$38.98 $34.31 (SALE)

Help dad take good care of his “best friend” with Grandpa Gus’s Pet Lover Bundle to prevent common nuisances like pests and bad odors. This bundle of pet care water-based spray products features Grandpa Gus’ Flea & Tick Killer Spray, which is proven to kill fleas, ticks and even ear mites at every stage of an insect’s lifecycle, all while leaving a light, fragrant scent of wood and clove. In addition, it also features Grandpa Gus’s Pet Odor Eliminator Spray, which instantly eliminates strong foul odors associated with pets such as excrement, vomit, wet dog fur, and foul kitty litter smells. Both products are formulated with plant-based active ingredients in the form of essential oils, making these pet care sprays natural, effective, and safe. Both sprays are easy to apply, leave no stains or grease marks, and can also be applied onto your pet’s bedding, pet carrier, toys, and most other surfaces. 


4. Trot Pets Elevated Complete Set with Mat & Stand – Elevated 2-in-1 Dog Feeder

$152.49 (SALE)
For Dad’s with pups who are fast eaters, Trot’s Elevated Complete Set revolutionizes pet dining with its specially designed premium-quality slow feeder bowls. Engineered to tackle the significant health risks associated with fast eating in dogs, these bowls promote healthier digestion and mitigate the threat of bloat. The set also comes with a water bowl, and both bowls are made of stainless steel, making them rust-proof and dishwasher-safe. It also includes an elevated wood stand that helps improve posture and digestion, a silicone mat with two built-in magnets that keep its food and water bowls in place to prevent messes, and two air-tight bowl lids for safe transportation. This comprehensive solution allows dog owners to provide a safe and comfortable dining experience for pups of all sizes. In addition, a percentage of every sale goes to Hearts and Bones, a rescue and foster organization dedicated to finding loving and forever homes for pets in need. 


5. ZIWI – Award-Winning Natural Pet Food for Dogs & Cats

Perfect for Dad’s pet this Father’s Day, ZIWI is a brand of award-winning, natural, ready-to-serve pet food that’s made with every pet’s nutrition in mind by using raw ingredients sourced directly from New Zealand, allowing pet owners to provide their furry companions with a healthy, raw diet. Their product line includes ZIWI’s Peak Steam & DriedPet Food, which is made using an innovative Z-MicroSteam technology that combines micro-steaming with air-drying to lock in nutrition and create a light, palatable texture that dogs and cats will love. There’s also ZIWI’ Peak Canned Wet Food for dogs and cats, in which their recipes feature 91-97% meat, organs, seafood and bone, all ethically sourced from New Zealand. Or even ZIWI’s Peak Air-dried Venison Recipe, which offers a convenient and safe alternative to raw dog food that’s nutrient-dense and packed with many health benefits, making it great as a balanced full feed or as a nutritious base with a chosen mixer. Lastly there’s also ZIWI’s Venison Half Shank Chew, a long-lasting and healthy chew for dogs that’s made of venison shank bone, wrapped in beef esophagus, and prepared with no added preservatives or flavors. ZIWI’s Lamb Ears are tasty, single protein chews made from free-range, grass-fed lamb that’s slowly air-dried and generously coated with lamb liver for an additional flavor boost.