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Gadget Guy: Mother’s Day goodies

Gadget Guy: Mother’s Day goodies

 1. Birdfy Feeder – Smart AI-Powered Bird Feeder 

Starting from $129.99 
Elevate mom’s (or granny’s) birdwatching experience with the Birdfy Feeder, a revolutionary solution that transforms your garden into a thriving hub for local birds. This smart AI-powered bird feeder features a 1.5L food container with built-in drainage, a perch where birds can comfortably land, eat and relax, and an HD camera that streams live 1080p video of visiting birds directly to your smartphone. Its camera also uses AI recognition technology for accurately identifying over 6,000 bird species worldwide, has a motion detection function that automatically records videos and sends you notifications when bird activity is detected, plus a two-way audio system for listening to birds singing. The device supports MicroSD Cards of up to 128GB for local storage, but the company also offers a cloud storage service for saving your most precious memories. Its 5000 mAh battery offers up to 6 months of continuous usage. Via the Birdfy App, you can capture and share your avian encounters with an extensive community, post them on social media, and even share your camera feed with up to 20 family members and friends.  


2. Crystal Mineral Deodorant Stick – Unscented Skin-Friendly Stick Deodorant 

For moms with sensitive skin, the Crystal Mineral Deodorant Stick makes for a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. This unscented stick deodorant is made of potassium alum, a natural mineral salt that provides an invisible protective barrier that blocks body odor for up to 24-hours without clogging pores. This effective deodorant is gentle on the skin, non-sticky and non-staining, leaves no residue or marks when used, is dermatologist-tested to be hypoallergenic, and is also free of harmful chemicals.  


3. Solight Design QWNN – Collapsible Solar-Powered LED Lantern & Power Bank 

$110 | $68 | $42 

Another lovely gift for mom is the Solight Design QWNN, a bright, heart-warming lighting solution that’s perfect for nighttime illumination. This portable solar-powered LED lantern and power bank is made from recyclable PET sailcloth, which gives it UV protection and makes it water-resistant, while its innovative origami design allows it to be expanded into three different shapes (star, half-star crown, and cube-dome) and easily collapses. It features up to 600 lumens of light and 5 different light settings, which range between Candle, Low, Medium, High, and a Blinking Light for signaling your presence or for emergencies. The lantern integrates built-in button controls, a powerful 4,000 mAh battery that provides up to 48 hours of continuous lighting, and a USB port that offers USB fast-charging for its battery in just 2 hours, while also allowing you to recharge your devices via a USB-C cable. The lantern also comes with two large solar panels that provide a full charge in 10 hours. The company also sells 2 other lantern models with a simpler cube-shaped design called the MegaPuff and SolarPuff.  


4. Dovety Electric Spin Scrubber – Cordless 8-in-1 Cleaning Brush & Shower Scrubber 

$60.99 $49.99 (SALE) 

Say goodbye to tedious scrubbing and hello to effortless cleaning with the Dovety Electric Spin Scrubber. This cordless cleaning brush and shower scrubber tool is powerful enough to clean anything from every surface with ease, whether that’s dust, dirt, grime, or even mold. It has an IPX5 Waterproof construction and comes with eight versatile brush heads, so you can use it to clean floors, walls, and bathtubs, as well as sinks, grills, stove tops, sinks, dishes, car wheels, and more! It also features a retractable handle with 3 adjustable lengths that extend from 14 to 60 inches, allowing you to easily access even hard-to-reach spots. It also has 2 adjustable speed settings, up to 3 hours battery life, and supports USB-C charging. The wall mount allows for easy storage.  


5. JAMBAR Organic Energy Bars – From the Co-founder of the Original PowerBar 

$3.29/ea, $29.99 p/ pack of 12 

Jennifer Maxwell founded JAMBAR with the goal of helping people feel good about the ingredients they put in their bodies, and the positive impact they can have on their local communities. Made from only premium organic ingredients, JAMBARs feature ancient grains, authentic sweeteners from nature, and high-quality proteins. With gluten-free and plant-based options, these plant-based, vegan energy bars are made only with premium all-natural whole grains, dried fruits, wild berries, and tropical fruits, which are expertly combined to taste great and deliver maximum nutrition, making them a good source of fiber and protein, while also containing only authentic sweeteners from real natural sugar ingredients like maple syrup and organic honey. They’re certified to be 100% organic, as well as non-GMO and gluten-free. JAMBARs come in five delicious flavors, including Chocolate Cha Cha, Malt Nut Melody, Jammin’ Jazzleberry, Musical Mango and the new Tropical Trio. The company donates 50% of after-tax profits to organizations that support the transformative pursuits of music and sports. JAMBARs are available at, on and at leading grocery stores. 


6. eufy Omni S1 Pro – Floor Washing Robot Vacuum w/ All-in-One Station 

$1,499 OR 

Free up mom from her regular floor cleaning chores by gifting her the eufy S1 Pro. This highly advanced floor washing robot vacuum comes equipped with a 3D MatrixEye Depth Perception System powered by LiDAR technology that makes it capable of planning the most efficient cleaning paths while effectively avoiding obstacles, people, and pets as well as creating extremely precise three-dimensional map models of your home for fully automated navigation and cleaning. It also integrates a self-washing roller mop that utilizes floor washing technology, ensuring that dirty water is removed from the roller mop in real time and replaced with fresh water, plus a built-in ozone generator, which helps to ensure a sterilization rate of 99.99% for both its mop and the floor. The robot features up to 8,000Pa of suction power, along with autonomous water-emptying and water-refilling functions, for which it automatically goes into its all-in-one station to empty and refill its dedicated water tank.  


7. Azulle Access Pro Alder Lake N100 – Fanless Mini PC Stick (4GB RAM / 64GB Storage) 


For tech moms who require a portable computing solution for working on the go, there’s the Azulle Access Pro Alder Lake N100. This fanless, plug-and-play mini PC stick comprises a single-chip design that provides great power efficiency and high performance, making it an ideal computing solution for modern businesses and traveling moms, and also for various applications such as digital signage, IoT, POS systems, and more. It features a 12th Gen Intel Alder Lake Series N100 processor, 4GB or 8GB of LPDDR4/LPDDR5 RAM, and 64GB or 128GB (eMMC) storage. Its operating system is customizable, with choices between no OS, Windows 11 Pro / IoT, or Linux. It also integrates a Gigabit LAN Ethernet port, an HDMI output port that supports video output up to 4K at 60 fps, a USB-C port for connecting a second monitor with video output up to 4K at 30FPS, a USB 3.0 port, a 3.5mm audio jack, plus a MicroSD, Bluetooth 5.2 and Wi-Fi connectivity.