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Gadget Guy with more gear from CES

The Gadget Guy, David Novak, joined us Tuesday on “Life.Style.Live!” with more great products from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

1. Bumpas – Weighted Plushies for Kids for Stress & Anxiety Reduction  


For children that deal with stress and anxiety or have difficulty falling asleep, get your kids a Bumpas plushie. These large weighted plushies are designed specifically for kids, and feature a soft exterior that’s soothing and calming to the touch. These weighted plushies have exactly 3 lbs. of weight that’s properly distributed through their weighted body and weighted arms in order to deliver deep pressure stimulation, which creates a calming effect that helps to promote a sense of security, reduces stress and anxiety, and helps with sleep quality. Bumpas comes in 4 styles and can rest on the child during bedtime, or hug around the child’s front or back  

2. HYPER HyperPack Pro – 22L Laptop Backpack w/ Apple Find My Compatibility  


Business travelers will love the HYPER HyperPack Pro, a highly-secure 22L laptop backpack that can greatly enhance your mobile tech experience in four key areas: security, device protection, charging enabling, and travel convenience. Engineered down to the last detail to protect and enhance your gear during travel or commuting, it features a weather-resistant, ultra-durable 1260D Cordura exterior, plus interlocking zippers for extra security. On its inner side, it features a suspended interior laptop pocket that protects your devices from scratches and drops. It also integrates strategically placed charging pass-throughs in its interior pockets that allow you to use a portable battery pack to power your devices when necessary. Additional security features include an RFID protective pocket, and also a hidden lumbar pocket where you can safely store any valuables and/or important documents. Best of all, it also features a built-in Hyper Location Module with Apple Find My network compatibility that allows you to track your HyperPack Pro and its contents from anywhere in the world.  

3. Toshiba CAF-Z85US(W) Smart Air Purifier 

 Eliminate potential air pollutants and airborne viruses at home or in the office with the Toshiba CAF-Z85US(W). This high-end smart air purifier is designed specifically for large rooms, as it is rated to have a 483 sq. ft. coverage area and a CADR of 312CFM / 527 m³/h. It is equipped with a 3-Stage filtration system that combines a Pre-Filter, a H13 True HEPA Filter, and an Activated Carbon Filter, which makes it capable of removing up to 99.9% of harmful airborne particles, plus a DC brushless motor that boasts a whisper-quiet operation as low as 30dB. The device features a built-in button control panel with an integrated child safety lock, 3 fan-speed settings, 3 operation modes, and 4 timer settings, plus a built-in LED display for important information. Via the TSmartLife App, you can also control its settings, and can even keep track of the particulate matter and VOC levels in the air. The device supports voice commands for Amazon Alexa.  

4. Keyport Pivot 2.0 – Modular EDC Multi-Tool 


Clean up your pockets and elevate your everyday carry with the Keyport Pivot 2.0 modular key organizer plus the Keyport x Popl Digital ME Key electronic business card. The Keyport Pivot 2.0 holds 2 – 8 keys and tools on the inside along with tech and tool modules on the outside. The Pivot includes a two-year subscription to KeyportID, an exclusive online lost & found program that helps solve the number one issue associated with keys and other everyday carry items… losing them. Choose from a range of accessories that complement your Pivot – from the MOCA 10-IN-1 Multi-Tool, the Pocket Flare Mini-Flashlight, the Pen Insert, or even an adapter for your Ledger Nano S. One of our newest additions, the Popl x Keyport Digital ME Key eBusiness Card eliminates the need to lug around expensive business cards that are easily outdated. Instead, just tap the Popl x Keyport Digital ME Key to any NFC enabled phone, upgrade your personal brand, and leave a memorable first impression. The Digital ME Key includes a QR code for those phones that do not have NFC. Customers are also offered the RuSH ToolTM Remove Module for their Pivot’s setup, including screwing and unscrewing different modules, and you can even get a custom printed faceplate module to add a little personal style to your Pivot 2.0.  

5. Xplora X6Play – High-End Next-Generation Smartwatch for Kids  


Parents can keep in contact with their kids with the Xplora X6Play. This high-end next-generation smartwatch features a high resolution 1.52” TFT screen with animations, a 5MP camera for selfies, an image gallery, plus stopwatch and alarm functions. It utilizes a 1.2GHz processor, has 8GB storage (expandable +1GB), runs on Android OS, and is powered by an 880 mAh battery that gives it a long-lasting battery life, with up to 72 hours of standby time. It also features Wi-Fi and 4G Connectivity (3G for the EU version), GPS and LBS Connectivity for accurate location-tracking in real-time, and a step counter function for a healthier lifestyle. To encourage physical activity, the X6Play features more sensors for increased engagement and deeper integration with Xplora’s GoPlay platform, giving kids the opportunity to purchase downloads and accessories for their watch, with points awarded to them based on how active they are. Each X6 Play will come with two wristbands and two bezels. The X6Play features a special School Mode, which disables any functionalities that could cause distraction.   

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