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Gadgets for a Safe & Entertaining Time at Home

Gadgets for Safe & Entertaining Time at Home

If you’re at home today and like to tinker with gadgets, check out these new ideas with Gadget Gram’s David Novak.

Care Predict @Home Kit

Get $100 off CarePredict @Home Kit by using promo code “CP_INTRO” through March 31, 2020. Know how your senior loved one is doing everyday by checking if they’re skipping meals, aren’t sleeping well, are less active, or even if things are more different than usual. The CarePredict Tempo Series 3 is an AI-powered Preventive Senior Care Health Wearable that’s designed specifically for seniors. It’s the world’s first wearable that’s able to detect any changes in daily activities of seniors as well as any difference in behavior patterns, allowing families to easily precede serious health issues with they’re eldest members. video:

MOON UltraLight

The MOON UltraLight is a small, ultra-portable, universal Smartphone Lighting Accessory that features intuitive touch controls for customizable brightness and tone. With it, you can have the best light source you could think of when using your smartphone to shoot photos or video, all without spending a ton of money on expensive Smartphone lighting accessories. video:

Hamilton Beach Advanced Multifunction Rice Cooker

The Hamilton Beach Advanced Multifunction Rice Cooker doubles as a Steamer. You can fully adjust it to your needs and prepare white/sushi/brown rice or any other grains with the push of a button. Its sealing lid and easy to hold rotating handle offer a safe transport, and its inner pot features sturdy handles for an easy removal/transport. This Rice Cooker also features Seven Cooking Functions (like “Hot Cereal”, Sauté and Steam), easy to use One-Touch Controls to set delayed cooking starts and an Intuitive Digital Display that shows your food’s remaining cooking time and its current cooking stage (Preheat, Low Heat, High Heat, Boiling and Steam).

BenQ PianoLight

The BenQ PianoLight is a Piano Eye Care Lamp that’s specifically designed to illuminate every corner of your music sheet as well as the entire width of your keyboard, all without spilling its super bright light anywhere else. Its exclusive optical structure design offers a total light range of up to 47.24 inches. Users can select any of its 6 Adjustable Color Temperatures to choose the right light color for each of their music sessions. video:

igloohome Smart Padlock & Smart Deadbolt 2S Metal Grey
$130 / $170,

Igloohome is an innovative that helps to make our lives safer with its smart and secure padlocks. The igloohome Smart Padlock protects your bicycle, locker, yard barn or safe. It can be unlocked via the keypad or its App, and also features the ability to send PIN codes or Bluetooth Keys to give access to others. igloohome’s Smart Deadbolt 2S has all the features of the Padlock, but the keypad is Touch Screen, and also has a Built-in Alarm and is Bluetooth-enabled, meaning it can also work offline. It can also be synced with Airbnb for scheduled home viewing calendar listings. Lastly, its Security Lockout Mode disables the keypad after several incorrect PIN Code attempts to ensure that your personal property remains secure. video:,

ebemate Bella Smart Baby Monitor

Parents of newborn babies can keep their baby safe and sound 24/7 with the world’s best smart baby monitor, the ebemate Bella Smart Baby Monitor. This smart wireless baby monitor packs a built-in Rechargeable 3200mAh Battery that can offer up to 6 hours of battery life and features Safe & Danger Zone Setting, Noise/Cry/Face Cover/Motion/Temperature/Humidity Detection, Soothe Assistant Mode, Multi-Person Authorization, and Automatic Photo Capture. video:

Rollplay Wave Catcher

Handles like a scooter, rides like a skateboard: here comes the Wave Catcher, which combines scooter, skateboard and electric power for a one of a kind ride, designed with an aluminum skateboard deck that tilts from side to side for a surfing sensation on an electric scooter. The flex handlebar puts kids in control even during extreme tilting action, and dual push button throttles let them soar down the street with either hand on the bars while leaning in and out of turns. Powered with a long-lasting 24V lithium battery, kids and tweens can race at thrilling speeds up to 10 MPH. When it’s not in use, simply fold it up for convenient storage. video:

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