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Gadgets perfect for kids, families

Anything to make our lives more simple and enjoyable is good in our book, and that’s what this list of gadgets is great for! David Novak, the Gadget Guy, joined us today with some kid and family-friendly tech you’re sure to love. Here’s the complete list:

1. AAXA M7 Pico Projector

$609.00 $488.00,

If the little ones in your family love to spend their free time watching movies, what better way to bring movie-time to them than with a portable DLP movie projector. The AAXA M7 Pico Projector is capable of playing video at 1080p Native Full HD, and is also 4K Ready for video-playback at 30 FPS, featuring a maximum brightness of 1200 LED Lumen, multiple input options (HDMI, USB-C, USB, microSD, and Composite AV) and up 3 hours of battery life. Best of all, you can use it for big-screen projections up to a 200” Screen Size, making it perfect to bring a cinema-like experience either for home or outdoors use. Great for business as well. 

2. Willo Essential Kit (Tooth-Brushing Robot for Kids)


Getting your kids to regularly brush their teeth can be a challenge, and unless you’re keeping an eye on them, you can’t really know if they’re brushing thoroughly enough. The Willo Essential Kit can put all of your child’s oral hygiene dilemmas to an end. This tooth-brushing robot for kids ages 6 – 17 is designed to work as a smart and anxiety-free automated brushing system that can easily and conveniently remove plaque and stains from their teeth by simply having them place it in the mouth. Featuring a range of mouthpiece sizes, the kit can be used by up to 5 family members, and the kit comes with an included mouthpiece and 2 rinse pods per child, (you’ll receive replacements every 3 months.) Best of all, the Willo can be connected to an App where parents can track their kids’ brushing technique and even receive tips.                                       

 3. Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced WiFi Baby Formula Dispenser


For parents of newborns that find themselves busy with work, there’s now a much easier way to prepare a warm formula bottle for your little one in almost no time. Meet the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced. This smart WiFi Baby Formula Dispenser works based on a patented Mixing Technology to mix your choice of baby-formula and water to a perfect consistency. Via the unit’s Digital Controls, parents can easily customize its settings and set-up to 5 different bottles, with 3 different Temperature Settings and a variety of formula quantity settings. Finally, the Mobile App features Smartphone alerts for when a bottle is ready, or for whenever the machine is low on water or formula, and also when there’s no bottle present.                                      

 4. Canopy x Lalo Humidifier

$150.00 $125.00,

To give parents a helping-hand in combating dry skin, cough, and allergies in a baby’s nursery, check out the Canopy Humidifier, which is recommended by pediatricians to promote easier breathing and better sleep for your baby, all without the hassles and health risks of traditional humidifiers. It features a proprietary Anti-Mold Technology that stops mold from growing by using Embedded UV Lights to kill up to 99.9% bacteria, and a Paper Based Filter that stops contaminants in the water from entering your nursery’s air. It’s also easy to clean, with dishwasher-safe parts. Finally, it also comes with Canopy’s very-own All Natural Aroma Kit that’s used by its built-in Aroma Diffuser for clean and healthy home scenting.                                 

 5. Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor


For parents that are looking for a more modern way of keeping an eye on their baby, there’s nothing as safe as the Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor. With the Miku, parents can extend their eyes and ears beyond the nursery. The Miku Pro’s Breathing Monitoring Technology keeps track of your baby’s breathing in real-time, and requires no wearables to work. It also features an advanced Sleep Tracking Technology that provides parents with weekly sleep quality reports. With a portable design and powered by an internal battery, this is the last baby monitor you’ll need. Finally, its 256-bit Crypto-Encryption keeps all of your baby’s live-feed safe from data-breaches. 



To inspire your child’s creativity, imagination and even critical thinking, check out the CMY CUBES. This intriguing sensory toy allow children and adults alike to explore the concepts of color subtraction, optics, and physics all in a simple yet compelling way. It works by using the three standard primary colors (Cyan, Magenta and Yellow) and then combining those with the concepts of optics and physics to create an ever-changing spectrum of color, thus allowing you to create new and more complex colors within different optics, which can then help you view both life and light through an entirely different lens.         

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