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Get rid of mosquitos, ticks in your yard with help from Mosquito Joe

Their slogan is, “Make outside fun again.”

Today we spoke with Tami Utterback, Office Manager for Mosquito Joe. She says they want to help families take their yard back from pesky mosquitoes and other insects. 

Utterback says their slogan rings true now more than ever because some families are outside while spending much more time at home and that their service allows you to not have to worry about those insects that are a huge annoyance. 

Utterback says some ways to reduces the pests are to empty standing water, including buckets, birdbaths, clean gutters because water is where they reproduce.

She also says if sitting outside, have a fan running to keep the air moving and plant some all-natural plants like lemongrass and lavender to help deter them.

Utterback says they can get the bugs to a 95%+ reduction rate.

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