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GR8 Health: Local team trains to be “Ninja Warriors”

Lauren Lowrey introduces us to a team of five men who are training for their chance to be featured in Season 7 of the action-packed series ‘America Ninja Warriors’ airing on Esquire.

Bill Westrick, founding member of Fast Five, his training team, competed on the show last year.  He noticed that some competitors had developed teams so when he returned, he decided to start his own.  Westrick recuited four of his friends and together they built their own obstacle course and training schedule. They workout together four to five days a week

Applications for Season 7 of ANW closed January 11th. Westrick says the casting company chooses who they want to compete, then assigns the individuals to cities to face the first round of competition. The team will find out if any members made it to Round 1 about two to three weeks before their city qualifier, which will take place in either Kansas City or Pittsburgh.

Right now we’re just in waiting and training mode,” says Westrick.