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Grab a deck of cards for this Wednesday Workout

“Shuffle” up your workout with a deck of cards! Firefighter Tim says “the concept for this is each suit ????♣️♠️???? has a different exercise it represents. So every time you flip a card over you have to do the number of exercises on that card for example if hearts represent push-ups and you turn over 6 of hearts you have to do 6 push-ups.”

Wild Card Workout 

Here’s a fun and great workout using a simple deck of playing cards. Trust me when I say this isn’t a game of 52 pickup.

Shuffle the playing cards and place the stack somewhere convenient. Once you’ve warmed up, flip the first card and do the exercise that corresponds with it.  You can continue this process of flipping one card and completing the exercise until you go through the whole deck or until you’ve reached the amount of time you planned for your workout. Move through the exercises as quickly as possible without sacrificing form and try to rest as little as possible between each card/move. This will keep your heart rate up and help you burn more calories!

Here are a few examples of workouts to correspond with this Wild Card Workout.

Example 1

Diamonds = push-up

Clubs = jumping jacks

Spades= squats

Hearts= crunches

Example 2

Diamonds= push-ups



Hearts= hands to toes

Example 3




Hearts = triceps dips

Jokers= burpees

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