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Grit and Grace Celebrity Gala and Fundraiser

Grit and Grace celebrity Gala and fundraiser

Established in 2020 by Fanchon Stinger, Grit & Grace Nation has rapidly emerged as a transformative force in mentoring young girls from diverse backgrounds.

At its core, the national leadership development program fosters connections between participants and female mentors who exemplify leadership at its pinnacle.

Central to its mission, the foundation annually bestows a $10,000 scholarship upon a deserving individual who epitomizes leadership qualities such as courage, grit, and grace in every facet of their endeavors.

As the organization burgeoned, Grit & Grace Nation diversified its reach, encompassing in-person chapters alongside a sprawling nationwide virtual academy. This virtual platform, meticulously crafted, is purposefully designed to empower young women spanning from middle school to college, nurturing their confidence, interpersonal skills, and leadership acumen while ensuring accessibility to a broader audience for maximum impact.

The academy’s overarching objective remains steadfast: to equip girls across the nation with the fortitude and integrity to confront life’s trials head-on through comprehensive guidance, mentorship, career readiness, public speaking proficiency, and etiquette refinement during their formative years.

As Grit & Grace Nation propels forward, its commitment to cultivating courageous, resilient, and graceful leaders endures, fostering a legacy of empowerment and excellence for generations to come.