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Halloween Safety + Trick or Treat Hours

Halloween is all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Don’t let it happen to you or someone in your crew. Katy Mann, from Indy with Kids, shares some tips for families who are trick or treating as well as homeowners who are leaving that porch light on.Children/Families participating in trick or treating should:

Be certain that drivers can see you while you are out and about. Use:

– Glow sticks

– Lights

– Reflective tape or accessories

Honor city posted Halloween Trick or Treating Hours

Avoid baggy costumes or costumes that are too long or too big.

Keep hands as empty as possible.

Makeup is better than a mask.

Cross streets at the corner or in designated crossing areas only and look both ways.

Only stop at well lit homes that have an outdoor or porch light on.

Avoid areas without sidewalks.

Walk, do not run.

Travel in small groups.

Do not eat treats until you get home.Those handing out treats should:

Clear any debris or obstructions on the path to your home

Be sure your porch is well lit.

Keep pets away from the front door.

Have a great night and stay safe!

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