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Harder Brunch Adult Summer Camp

This morning on Life.Style.Live! Cody and Amber host guests from the Harder Brunch Podcast’s Adult Summer Camp! They are here talking about 3 days of Comedy, Music, and Outdoor Adventure! Joining us today was the Host of the Harder Brunch Podcast, Andrew Priller and his producer, Zach Rohn, and Andrew Priller, regional manager of Upland Brewing, who will be the supplier of beer for this year’s camp.

Zach prepared a delicious S’mores dessert with toasted marshmallows and a graham cracker crumble, which was then drizzled with Bourbon chocolate sauce and topped off with Circle’s Ice Cream, which will be a featured dessert at this year’s camp. Guests wanting to experience this camp can expect some fantastic events including 5 full meals, refreshing beer sponsored by Upland Brewing, a variety of outdoor activities including swimming, canoeing, archery, and handicrafts, unique experiences like a food fight, bonfire shows, and live podcasts, and an opportunity to camp under the stars in the mesmerizing beauty of Brown County. Other events include musical acts being performed by Haus of Wlvs, Clint Breeze, and Tubbles, as well as comedy acts being performed by headliners Brent Terhune and Gwen Sunkel.

So, whether you’re looking to relive the nostalgic experience of going to summer camp or just want to experience quality beer and entertainment, this may be the event for you! To buy tickets you can visit their page at To watch the interview with Cody and Amber, or to learn more about local events like this visit us at