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Holiday gift guide for family pets

Don’t forget to put something under the holiday tree for all of the pets in your life this year!

David Novak, the Gadget Guy, joined us Tuesday on “Life.Style.Live!” to share gift ideas for your four-legged friends.

1. SpotOn GPS Dog Fence – Next-Gen GPS-powered Dog Collar Virtual Fence  

Train your pup to stay safe inside your property with the SpotOn GPS Dog Fence. This portable high-end next-generation dog collar wireless containment system utilizes sound alerts, static correction, and True Location GPS technology to safely contain your dog within pre-determined virtual boundaries. It can be used at home, outdoors, and on the go. It’s lightweight, comfortable for your dog to wear, and waterproof. Working together with its dedicated App, it can be set up within a large acreage from ½ acre to 1,000s of acres. You can create, save, and edit up to 20 custom geofences, either by walking with the SpotOn dog collar and your smartphone along a boundary or by drawing that boundary within the App. Works with Verizon or AT&T cellular connection. The company is running a 25% discount sale during Black Friday.

2. Walkee Paws Easy-On Waterproof Dog Boot Leggings 


For clean and protected paws, check out the Walkee Paws Easy-On DELUXE Dog Boot Leggings. These all-in-one boot leggings feature a TPE molded boot shape for a better fit, and cotton lining for comfort and durability, making them even better booties than the original. TPE is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and can withstand heat up to 302 F and cold down to -40 F. The waterproof soles perfectly protect sensitive paws on walks year-round from germs, chemicals, and allergens, as well as from hot and cold pavement, no matter the weather conditions. The innovative “Easy-On” design has no elastic drawstring leg openings, so putting them on is as easy as taking them off. They also integrate a versatile collar connector that can be attached to your pup’s collar or harness. Also, in line with the brand’s concern for the environment is a transition to new packaging made from 100% recycled board, packed with just a simple mailing label that further helps to reduce waste.   

3. Slypod – Portable & Expandable Dog Poop Caddy Leash-Accessory  


Keep your hands free from having to carry your dog’s “business” with the Slypod, a portable dog poop caddy leash accessory that features an expandable silicone design that allows it to accommodate filled dog waste bags from even the largest dog breeds. It also comes equipped with a locked-and-sealed lid that ensures foul smells stay trapped inside, plus an integrated aluminum carabiner that allows it to be clipped to your dog’s leash or harness, or even to your own belt, bag, or backpack.  

4. Loyal Leash – No-Pull Automated Dog Training Leash w/ Tension Control  


Relieve the stress of having your dog tugging and pulling its dog leash by using the Loyal Leash. This innovative no-pull automated dog training leash works based on a proprietary leash tension monitoring system that detects any level of tugging or pulling from your pup. From its integrated ergonomic leash control handle, dog owners are offered an adjustable leash tension threshold setting, which varies between Low, Medium, and High. The Loyal Leash also features an automated warning system that sends both audible beep- and vibration warnings, plus an automated correction system, which can be optionally turned On/Off, that sends static correction signals if your pet pulls too much. There’s also a Manual Mode for total user control. The system’s dog collar can be used with a harness, and there’s also a leash-less option available.  

5. Speedtechs mi-inta – Plug & Play App-enabled Internet Activity Monitoring Device  


Keep better track of all your home online activity with the speedtechs mi-inta. This compact and low-cost internet activity monitoring device features a simple plug-and-play installation by connecting it to any spare port on your router/modem. It works by utilizing ARP spoofing to intercept all the data that’s downloaded into and uploaded from your internet connection. The device is designed firstly for forwarding data, so network performance is not compromised. It can come in one of two different versions, 100M or 1G, with the processing power to match these throughputs. The device works together with a companion App that ultimately shows users detailed information about all the devices operating on their internet connection, all websites visited, and also all levels of activity taking place on their Internet connection. No sign-up or subscription is required. It’s the perfect internet monitoring device for parents concerned about their children’s online safety, for business owners looking to boost productivity, and even for gamers looking to ensure they have a fast and stable internet connection.  

6. Whip-It! 1/2L Specialist Dispenser Variety Bundle – Professional Whipping Set  


Become a culinary professional and a dessert expert with the Whip-It! 1/2L Specialist Dispenser Variety Bundle. This professional culinary whipping set comes with a 1/2L Stainless Steel dispenser, a 24-pack of aluminum N2O cream chargers that can provide approximately 20% more volume of whipped content, plus a premium Injector Tips Set that can be used for fillings and stuffings. It also comes with a Funnel & Strainer Set that can be separated and utilized independently for a variety of culinary applications, a set of 3 Plastic Decorator Tips that can be used to decorate desserts or to get creative with drinks, and even a Recipe Book with many unique culinary recipes for preparing foods and beverages that have filling/stuffing or whipped content. 

7. BedInABox Dual Hybrid Mattress – Medium-firm Mattress w/ UltraCool Technology  


Sleep cool and comfortable all night long with the BedInABox Dual Hybrid. BedInABox is the original e-commerce boxed mattress company This medium-firm hybrid mattress combines a soft knit cover that is cool-to-the-touch, thanks to its UltraCool technology. The three separate coil layers include a multilayer foam layer and a pocket coil layer, which provide support, and then a micro coil layer, which conforms to the body to provide maximum comfort. All told, you get 13-inches of comfort, with the highest coil count in the industry. This premium mattress is specifically designed to deliver advanced pressure relief and unbeatable support for any sleeping position. A 20-year warranty and a free 120-day trial are available.   

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