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Home Improvements products of the future

The nearly 30,000 attendees at the 70th Anniversary of the world’s largest home improvement trade show are getting a sneak peek into the trends and technologies coming soon to a home near you. This year the show is bigger than ever, with over 2,500 exhibitors and entire sections devoted to inventors, lawn and garden, energy efficiency, and more!

Home Improvement Expert and Show Spokesperson Tom Kraeutler visits live from Las Vegas with all of the latest and greatest from the largest Home Improvement trade show in the world. Tom has the best in cutting edge Home Improvement trends and the high tech products you need in your home today.

I’m like a little kid in a candy store because everything here is new, shiny, bright and fun.”

Latest and Greatest in Tools – Ladder technology that makes you feel like you are standing on the ground and torches that light instantly and can even do small driveway repairs.

Outdoor Living – Eliminate rust entirely on your metal outdoor furniture, railings, and trim with brilliant paint colors.

Decorating Trends – Stripes are the new beige! Achieve decorator quality finishes with a few dollars-worth of equipment.

Tom Kraeutler is co-host of the nationally syndicated home improvement radio program The Money Pit, and author of My Home, My Money Pit: Your Guide to Every Home Improvement Adventure. He earned his home improvement stripes as a professional home inspector, amassing over 20 years experience learning how houses are put together, and how they fall apart!

This interview is sponsored by Werner Ladders, BernzOmatic Torches, Krylon, 3M, and Haier Air Conditioners.